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Corinna Rose

Corinna Rose (photo)If you listen carefully to singer-songwriter Corinna Rose’s debut full-length album Northeast Southwest, you may note the influences of Weezer, Owen Pallett and the McGarrigle Sisters in almost equal proportions. The album marks a major evolution from Rose’s 2011 self-titled folk-pop EP. This shift is best represented by the album's title track, "Northeast Southwest", a tune which reflect upon being drawn in different directions and the realization that a sense of home can found wherever you are – musically, as well as literally. Hailing from Toronto, Corinna Rose now calls Montreal home, though she has crossed the country three times in the last year alone and is never in one place for very long. The record is a retrospective of her life in "la belle ville" as well as on tour, with songs depicting stories of personal loss and loneliness as well as illustrations of emerging from dark and difficult moments. Rounding out the record is Rose’s breakup hoedown “So It Goes” - a charming but bluntly penned old time banjo tune which she frequently dedicates to anyone who has ever used an online dating site.

The soulful and electrifying melodies of singer-songwriter Corinna Rose are truly the next best thing to hit Montreal’s ever-growing folk scene - Tyler Yank, She Does The City

Self-produced, Rose recorded the album at Mountain City with engineer Joseph Donovan (The Dears/Sam Roberts). Rose worked closely on the development of the record with her core band (banjo, acoustic/electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and autoharp). Her band members’ diverse musical backgrounds, expertise and experience is evident throughout the record. Jazz chords and irregular time signatures are juxtaposed with sweet simple rings off the autoharp. String and horn sections (violin, cello, viola, trumpet, trombone, French horn) add depth and richness to the sound and an orchestral texture that waxes and wanes alongside Rose’s soaring vocal melodies. Rose also recorded one song, "Fresher Fruit", written by her drummer Matthew Daher, whom she has been performing with for over 7 years.

"The creation of Northeast Southwest was synergistic and magical, punctuated by moments of spontaneity and humor". Recalls Rose, "There was the late night in studio when the vibraphone made its reappearance in my musical life, and straight onto 'There is Darkness, There is Light' with help and encouragement from Donovan. There was also the warm late autumn afternoon when the band came in to record “So It Goes” wearing sneakers and sandals and my drummer Matthew jumped up and down through three takes, just to add energy and depth to the stomps and claps."

Northeast Southwest captures a moment. It channels a current running through Montreal’s music scene, and Canada's wider music world, as artists like Corinna Rose emerge from the dark winter into the spring, armed with new music and ready to hit the road.

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