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Jeff Miller

Jeff Miller

Before his freshman year of high school, Jeff Miller decided to sell all of his video games and buy his first guitar. Soon after, songwriting became a passion. He formed a band with two other friends in the Pittsburgh suburb where he grew up. They recorded an album and played numerous shows together.

After high school, Miller was off to Boston's Berklee College of Music, where he studied Guitar Performance and Songwriting. His plan was to find compatible musicians, and to form another band. That never happened.

A degree from Berklee, a move back home to Pittsburgh, a move to Nashville, 4 solo albums (and an EP) later, Jeff Miller is still playing music. In fact, he played over 150 shows a year from 2005 to 2011, touring the east coast and the midwest. His music has received airplay at over 175 stations, in the U.S. and abroad. It has also been used by Napster and CBS Sports.

His compositions are balletic, his live stage performance beguiling and befuddling, as one wonders, 'How is all that sound coming from one man?'

Stacy Leiser, Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle

His third album, Seesaw, was co-produced by Matt Mangano (Darrell Scott, John Mayer, Dave Barnes), who also played bass on the album. It also features Nick Buda (Edwin McCain, Mindy Smith) on drums and percussion. The Pittsburgh Tribune raves, "Miller's music is timeless. The songs on Seesaw are infectious delights."

To mark 10 years of looping, Miller's 197th show of 2008 was recorded in Pittsburgh, PA. The result is Miller's 4th full-length album, Can You Hear the Music?, jam-packed with 77 minutes worth of material.

Jeff's fifth full-length album, Loops, was released in the fall of 2015, based on his popular weekly YouTube series "Loop of the Week". The album also features Phil Keaggy, who is widely known for his full-sounding acoustic finger-style playing. Legendary among guitar players, Keaggy is also a pioneer of live looping. "He's the first artist that I ever heard use a looping machine", Miller says when remarking of his first Phil Keaggy concert. "I went out a few months later, and picked up my first looping pedal. I never imagined that I'd get a chance to get to know Phil, let alone get to record with him."

Jeff will bring his own brand of looping and songwriting when he returns to Fredericksburg. He weaves deft musicianship, cutting-edge technology, and skillful wordcraft into songs with weight and impact which make his music infectious, and his live show compelling. Aaron Jentzen of the Pittsburgh City Paper writes "armed with only an acoustic guitar, Jeff Miller uses looping pedals to create rhythm tracks, backing vocals, extra guitar parts -- all live, all on the fly. Fortunately, Miller's not just some gearhead, but a talented songwriter with a strong, clear voice."

Miller still hasn't found a regular band. But that's fine with him and his listeners. At his live shows, he uses a device to record and loop guitar and vocal parts, creating more sound than some bands do. Using his voice, guitar, hands and feet, he is able to act as each member of a regular band - a singer, guitarist, bassist, even a drummer. You really should see/hear it for yourself.

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