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Drew Kullman

Drew Kullman (photo)

Imagine having teachers like Placido Domingo, Willie Nelson, Handel and John Denver.

That’s what Drew Kullman's folks would listen to, for hours at a time, on long road trips and in their home. The ultimate result, after years and years of this eclectic musical education, mixed in with a healthy dose of his own life experience, is something akin to...opera folk.

Drew’s booming vocals, mesmerizing stage presence and percussive flatpicking style are the staples of his music. His recent discovery of the open C tuning over the last year has opened even more creative doors, resulting in 15 new songs and 20 instrumentals in the last 12 months alone. He’s also known for his lyrical depth, exploring all topics from his struggles with manic depression and substance abuse to uncompromising love, unbridled hope and the freedom of forgiveness.

It’s been over 10 years since the last time Drew played a showcase at Picker’s Supply. He plays a Taylor 310ce and a Taylor 414ce. He currently lives in Richmond, Virgina.

Drew's band, the simma downs, has one album, Beautiful Scars. He is preparing to record his first solo album this spring.

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