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Jaymes Hogan

Jaymes Hogan (photo)Jaymes Hogan is an American singer/songwriter born in Jamaica, Queens, New York. He is the former frontman of the pop/hard rock quad group, The Mica Schist. Jaymes has a performance history and discography spanning over a 17+ year period dating back to 1996.

Inspired by love, hate, loss, redemption, his battle with bipolar disorder and the trials and tribulations of the human experience, Hogan's music is largely influenced by jazz, alternative grunge and 70’s soul/R&B.

As a bipolar manic, there are very few times when stability and happiness are a part of my day, music is the light at the end of my tunnel that illuminates the anguish.

Along with his unique cutting edge lyricism, Hogan is known for his deeply emotional and explosive live performances. He has crafted a guitar style all of his own as his formulated pop rock arrangements are heavily littered and fused with major and minor 7ths in conjunction with both harmonious and dissonant jazz/bebop style lead lines and solos.

Hogan commands an exceptionally powerful and versatile voice that is equally as resonant in his ballads, such as “For Ewuskine” and “Kind Bright Eyes”, or in the full throttle of songs like “My Heart is a Wasteland” and “Elevated Liver”.

His upcoming album “The Adirondack Memoirs” is set to be released at the end of the year.

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