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Karl Straub

Karl Straub (photo) Karl Straub is a highly regarded songwriter and performer called "a world-class original on electric guitar" and "DC's most original songwriter." He headed the legendary Graverobbers in the 1990s and countless artists have since covered his material, including Last Train Home, Virginia Coalition, the Kennedys, Eugene Chadbourne, Kevin Johnson, and many more. His songs range from rock 'n' roll fuzz to Elvis Costello-like lyrical surprise, from bubblegum pop to Western swing, and from Hank Williams honky-tonk to Thelonious Monk jazz, often in the same song. In December, Karl and Eric Brace of Last Train Home debuted their epic song cycle of the gold rush, HANGTOWN DANCEHALL. Karl is also bringing out fresh work such as the trashy-rock project Crow Town and the long-awaited Bubblegum Picasso album. With a degree in Music Education, Karl teaches professional-level songwriting and guitar, both in Northern Virginia classes and online. See more at

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