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Kevin Caffrey

Kevin Caffrey One week after he got his first guitar at the age of 13, Kevin Caffrey wrote his first song. Nearly 30 years later, he's still at it, about to release his 9th album, downshifter, this summer.

Picking up where his 2013 breakthrough Medium Talent left off, downshifter was inspired by his relocation from New York to Virginia in 2009. "Moving with my family from where I had lived my whole life (Long Island) to a new location where we literally did not know anyone was truly scary. We took a huge risk that ultimately paid off. In addition to discovering a much more affordable place to live, we discovered a much more diverse environment than we were used to. This reinvigorated my perspective on things and I wanted to put that energy into my next CD."

Kevin's music is a combination of many different styles -- you're as likely to find a 4 minute stripped down folky acoustic ballad on one of his albums as you are to find a sprawling 15 minute epic. This can be explained in the fact that he was equally inspired by progressive rock giants Yes and Rush as he was by classic singer/songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Add in the enormous influence of seminal adult alternative artists such as Peter Gabriel and Crowded House and you get quite a unique blend. You may find Caffrey's music to be a lot of things, but ordinary it is certainly not.

Caffrey has been covered in New York Newsday, the Free-Lance Star, and Front Porch magazine, interviewed on WHPC 90.3, WUSB 90.1, and FXBG Pirate Radio, and has performed at various venues throughout Virginia over the past few years. You can follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Caffrey and Like him on Facebook (Kevin Caffrey Music)

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