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Peforming at the Showcase

Info for performers on submitting material for consideration.

he Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase is an extremely non-profit operation run by volunteers. From the $10 collected at the door, the showcase pays expenses (rent, tax, printing) and splits the remainder evenly between the performers. Crowds have ranged from 17 to 128, recently in the 40-60 range.

Although we are trying to grow a pot so we can have a guarantee for the performers, we're not there yet. We make no one rich, but it is a listening crowd. No performer has left with less than $50 in the past few years. Every one has a good time. Volunteers will sell CDs and merchandise from a common table:  each performer keeps 100% of those sales.

If you make original music, are an experienced performer, and you want to play at the showcase, please send your promotional data! At a minimum, we need a musical bio, CD or links to your online music.  Each year, we get over 100 applications for the 28 performing slots available.  Most are very good.  Many very good performers don't get to play here.  There just aren't enough slots.  The ones who do get invited usually have songs that really stand out.

Inquiries via e-mail:

Snail mail:
   Fredericksburg Songwriters' Showcase
   20 Pawnee Drive
   Fredericksburg, VA  22401
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